Products & Services

CCTAM is a licensed corporation under the Securities and Futures Ordinance carrying type 1 (Dealing in Securities), type 4 license (Advising on Securities) and type 9 license (Asset Management) in Securities and Future Commission in Hong Kong. CCTAM’s primary mission is to bring Chinese focused investment opportunities to international investors and to facilitate the participation of Chinese investors in investment opportunities in the international markets. CCTAM’s vision is to offering the acute, objective and professional investment services to clients; including high-net-worth individuals, professionals and institutional investors with emphasis in the Greater China region. It can be achieved by building up a strong research team composed of high caliber and experienced staffs from various reputable financial institutions in Hong Kong. CCTAM aims at providing our clients financial advisory services, asset management service as well as securities dealing. The types of investments include listed equity, fixed income products, and mutual funds/unit trusts.

Investment Advisory Services

CCTAM offers investment advisory services to clients who wish to manage and operate their investments. CCTAM will provide guidance to help clients in development of asset allocation strategies and investment guidelines. CCTAM provides clients access to various investment tools; including research insights on the global and local macro-economic environment, commentary on asset classes and investment trading tactics and strategies facilitating clients’ investment decisions making.

Asset Management Services

CCTAM offers portfolio management services and build a platform to suit the high net worth and institutional clients to better manage their assets, both in corporate and personal levels. In general CCTAM can develop tailor-made investment portfolios comprising diversified investment products based upon clients’ risk appetite and CCTAM’s research expertise. CCTAM will manage the customized portfolio under clients’ delegation.

Dealing in Securities

CCTAM provides clients with access to various investment opportunities worldwide. Based on their risk / return profile, clients could invest in securities such as listed equity, fixed income, mutual funds etc., following the receipt of the investment advice provided by CCTAM.